The People of Peruzzo

At Peruzzo you will also meet the many people who help us in running the business.


First of all Robertino and Svetlana who live on the farm and are a constant welcoming presence.

They take care of the running of the apartments but, if needed, are always ready to jump in (they are also volunteers of Emergency and Civil Protection).

Along side them there is Angela, Maurizia and Anna, who is an excellent cook, helping with the running of the apartments.

piomboni_e_paoloThen there are the farm workers, Gianfranco (known as Piombo), Paolo and Luca.

The first two mainly do the agricultural work of the farm but they also take care of the gardens around the houses, while Luke, who can turn his hand to anything, is responsible for the maintenance of the pool and the houses.

Gianfranco is also in charge of the animals, we suggest that you follow him the morning when he feeds them because that way you can observe them close up. Whereas Paolo, after work, spends his time pottering in his kitchen garden in Peruzzo, which he will happily show you around.